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"Grateful for your existence…"

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Its a lost cause, Sean… A lost cause. 

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Shawty, swing my way…

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Très bien, merci.: Like a damn book


Bottom line: you need someone who responds to the fact that you enjoy the reassurance of physical contact and emotional sharing, but who helps keeps dependency in check in the relationship so that you two do not lose your identities as individuals and whose character is deserving of your loyalty…

Bottom line: you need someone who desires and reciprocates intimacy as much as you do.

Bottom line: you need a partner who is energetic, enthusiastic and has high self-efficacy like you and will support or even participate in your personal and professional interests that feed your sense of identity and accomplishment.

Bottom line: you need someone who is not looking to be taken care of, but rather who is realistic about the hard work it takes to build and maintain a stable and satisfying relationship.

Bottom line: you need someone who will not put up emotional barriers when you seek to understand his/her thoughts and feelings, but rather will communicate with you intimately and candidly.

Bottom line: you need someone who will join you in taking time to find a complete and genuine resolution to issues as opposed to avoiding conflict by settling for quick, temporary agreements.

Bottom line: you need someone who regards sex as a meaningful bond between people in love and who appreciates being the center of attention in the bedroom.

Bottom line: you need someone who believes that the best kind of love grows out of a strong friendship.

Bottom line: You need someone who can express affection and show you are a priority by spending time with you – such as simply talking and cuddling at home, taking leisurely strolls outside or extended road trips.

Bottom line: This does not necessarily mean that you neither like nor need Actions. Rather, it suggests that you need someone who feels that simple or grand acts of kindness are no substitutes for other expressions of affection – such as telling you how they feel, treating you like a partner, touching you lovingly, spending time with you or remembering special occasions with a thoughtful gift.

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"Time escapes me… Now I forget how it felt when this shit move slow…"

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Life as of 7/27/13 before the big 21.

Blessed. Growing to love everything going for me. After tomorrow, who knows what opportunity will come for me. 21. Im ready for you to screw me up, to help me grow, to understand life in a different perspective, to let me embrace the last of my youth, to motivate me and to prosper. Here’s to belligerent nights, prosperity, and heartbreak.

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Mayer Hawthorne - Back Seat Lover

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