Call me old fashioned

I’ve always been the type of guy to never really pay much attention to relationships growing up. Middle School I was the only single boy in my group of friends. High School, stayed single and didn’t bother talking to girls until the end of my Junior Year going into Senior Year. I guess a lot has changed when it comes to relationships. Now a days relationships are all about being all lovey dovey in public, relying on cell phones and technology to communicate, making it “facebook official”, and showing off your significant other through social networking. Whatever happened to keeping things simple and conservative? Communicating by going to see each other? Showing affection by paying attention and caring for each other like best friends. I hate how our generation is plagued by media’s propaganda of how “love and relationships” are supposed to be. I’ve always wanted an old fashioned relationship. I’m into those long relationships that last. The kind that my first is my last. I want that movie material typa story to tell my kids. To be honest I’m the type to stick around with a girl no matter how much bullshit she puts me through, to show her how much I care and how much she means to me regardless. Not looking for any title of being mine or my girlfriend, just a friend who can be my best friend and part time lover. As cliche as that sounds, I’d rather have that type of relationship. But of course not all people think the same; and the people who used to, or still do have that type of mind set are slowly diminishing, falling into the new typa love.

But for now, only time will tell, and things will fall into place when its meant to be.

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